Sneakersschool is a place where you will learn to make handmade sneakers under the guidance of master shoemaker Roel van Hoff. Because the course is held in a very small group, everybody will be getting the right support. Also because of the small number of participants, the students  can learn from each other, help eachother out and share creative ideas.

In this course of shoemaking, you will learn how to deconstruct sneakers and then create a whole new pair of sneakers. With the techniques that you will learn in this course, including the course book you will receive, you will have all the information and knowledge you need to continue making handmade sneakers yourself.

*Courses are given in English and Dutch

School The School Sneakersschool


You don’t need any experience in shoemaking. Even if you never sewed before, that’s absolutely no problem! I promise you will be leaving our school with sneakers made by YOU!

School The School Sneakersschool

Course book

During the course you will be learning the process of reconstructing sneakers, step by step. You can use this technique on almost every type of sneaker. These steps are also outlined in the course book, which you may use during the course.  The course book is written in English and Dutch and contains many examples (pictures) of all the steps.

School The School Sneakersschool

Tools and materials

All the materials, like donor sneakers, fabric and other needed materials are included in this course. The tools you will be using are on loan. If after completing the course, you decide you want start making more handmade sneakers, we offer tools and materials in small quantities.

School The School Sneakersschool

Date and time

The duration of the course is five full days, from Wednesday until Sunday. Every day from approximately 9.00 until 17:00 hrs. (lunch and drinks are included and personal preferencesare taking into account).

School The School Sneakersschool


The course with max. 5 participants for 5 full days (9.00-17:00 hrs)
costs € 1680,- euro (incl. 21% tax) per person.

* Small handtools are included
* A pair of donor shoes are included
* Lunch and drinks are included
* No experience required
* 21% tax is included within above prices

School The School Sneakersschool

A place to stay

During the course you can have a good sleep in one of the hotels nearby the Sneakersschool. Specially for you, we created a page with hotels nearby.

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