Discover The Sneakersschool

Discover The Sneakersschool

A unique experience for creative minds

Learn from a real Master Shoemaker

Small groups for personal guidance

Join a community of likeminded creators

  • Learn how to make sneakers under guidance of master shoe maker Roel van Hoff
  • Intimate small groups for personal guidance
  • Join a community of likeminded creators

Welcome to The Sneakersschool:
The best place to learn how to make sneakers.

Our mission

Cultivate Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Personal Achievement.

We want to empower people from across the globe, regardless of their expertise, to unlock their creative potential and guide them in crafting unique sneakers. Imagine entering a space where every detail matters, where your passion is cultivated, and where your creations become a reflection of your personal journey. We provide all the necessary tools and resources to elevate your craft.

Through our courses, we aim to inspire individuals to tell their unique stories—one pair at a time. We believe that each crafted shoe is not just footwear; it’s a narrative, a journey, and a tangible representation of personal achievement.

Access our leather warehouse

Nestled beneath the studio of The Sneakersschool lies a hidden gem for aspiring sneaker designers and enthusiasts alike: the Leather Warehouse.

This extraordinary space is home to an extensive collection of over 6.000 leather materials, offering students of The Sneakersschool an unparalleled opportunity to bring their creative visions to life.

About Roel

Meet Roel van Hoff, certified master shoemaker and the proud winner of the prestigious gold award at the “European Shoe Championships.”

Roel’s extraordinary journey began at the Dutch Shoe Academy, where his love for exclusive sneakers fueled his ambition to pioneer the restoration of rare Nike’s for customers wordwide. Recognizing a common issue in high-end sneakers—loosening or crumbling soles—Roel’s expertise gained international acclaim.
Motivated by a simple desire to share his skills with those looking to dive into sneaker making, Roel laid the foundation for The SneakersSchool. Extending a global opportunity for individuals to unlock their creativity and learn how to craft unique sneakers.

From Passion to mastery: Your sneaker Journey starts here

Your journey into the world of sneaker craftsmanship begins at The SneakersSchool. Guided by Roel, you’ll navigate each step with precision, from selecting materials to mastering techniques created by Roel himself specially for this course.

Under Roel’s expert guidance, you’ll not only create but truly understand the artistry behind each stitch.
As your sneakers take shape, Roel ensures a hands-on, personalized experience, providing insights and tips that elevate your craft. By the end, not only will you go home with your first handmade sneakers, but you’ll also carry the knowledge and skills to continue your shoemaking journey with confidence.
The SneakersSchool isn’t just a place to learn; it’s an immersive experience where you’re empowered to craft not only sneakers but your own path in the world of shoemaking.

Ready to build yours?

Ready to build yours?

Already 250+ students from over 20 countries visited The Sneakersschool. Are you next?

Personal guidance

Join our intimate group of no more than 5 participants in each course. This guarantees a personalized and enriching learning experience where we’ll provide the attention and guidance necessary for your success.

Rest assured, you won’t leave until we collectively achieve a result you’re entirely satisfied with—a pair of sneakers you can be truly proud of. That’s our guarantee!

Tools & Leather Studio

All necessary materials, including donor sneakers, leathers, and other essential supplies, are provided as part of this course. The tools provided for are included as part of the instructional resources. Should you choose to continue crafting handmade sneakers after completing the course, we offer tools and materials for purchase in our shop.

Student Stories
  • I had the pleasure of attending Roel van Hoff's custom sneaker course at and it was truly an exceptional experience. Roel was an amazing teacher, who explained everything so well and was a wonderful person to be around. The small class size made the course feel intimate, and I learned so much. I was thrilled with my final design, which was inspired by my own leather bags brand Usaii. Roel helped me turn my inspiration and initial design into a pair of sneakers that felt like works of art. The final product was beautiful and unique, and the experience was unforgettable. Highly recommended.

    - Usaii

    From The Netherlands